New York, NY
Philippe P. Dauman, CEO

Viacom is one of the world’s largest media conglomerates. It owns the MTV and BET Networks, and a motion picture production and distribution division that includes Paramount Pictures, Paramount Home Entertainment, DreamWorks, MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies.

In 2005, Viacom split into two entities, Viacom and CBS. Sumner Redstone is the chairman of both companies and controls them through his holdings in National Amusements, a private firm founded by his father in 1936 that is based in Massachusetts and operates more than 1,000 movie theaters around the world. National Amusements holds controlling voting interest in both CBS and Viacom. CBS has own listing on this site.

Below is a count of the company’s news outlets by media sector.

Media Properties

Sector: Cable TV

  • BET - New York, NY