Swift Communications

Reno, NV
Arne L. Hoel, chairman

Swift Communications was founded in 1975 by Philip E. Swift, a former executive with Scripps League of Newspapers. The company acquired the Greeley (Colorado) Tribune in 1977 and that paper remains the largest newspaper in the company, both in circulation and revenue.

Multiple mergers, acquisitions and startup ventures were conducted in the ensuing years, resulting in the current portfolio of publications, which are concentrated in the states of California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.

In 1991, the company ventured into the Internet with the launch of Tahoe.com and Reno.com, and in 2006, the company changed its name from Swift Newspapers to Swift Communications.

Below is a count of the company’s news outlets by media sector.

Media Properties

Sector: Newspapers

  • Daily - Vail, CO
  • Daily News - Frisco, CO
  • Daily Tribune - Greeley, CO
  • Daily Tribune - Tahoe, CA
  • Free Press - Grand Junction, CO
  • News Review - Roseburg, OR
  • Post Independent - Gleenwood Springs, CO
  • The Union - Grass Valley, CA
  • Times - Aspen, CO