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Authors & Collaborators

Many individuals contributed to this report.

From the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, researchers conducted the data aggregation and served as the primary writer for the following media sectors: Katerina-Eva Matsa for the magazine chapter, Kenny Olmstead for the digital chapter, Emily Guskin for the network and African American chapters, Jesse Holcomb for the cable television chapter and Laura Santhanam for the audio chapter. Monica Anderson wrote the alternative weeklies section.

In addition, Ms. Matsa conducted the data aggregation, analysis and visual displays for the local television chapter and Ms. Guskin for the newspaper chapter.

Dana Page supervised web graphics, interactive and visual displays as well as press relations. Mr. Olmstead supervised the technical web developments. Mr. Holcomb and Ms. Page served as project managers.

The content analysis was supervised by Paul Hitlin. Mark Jurkowitz and Paul Hitlin wrote the content special report. Tricia Sartor managed the creation and execution of graphics. The content analysis execution was performed by the staff of Pew Research Center with special help from Ms. Santhanam, Steve Adams, Monica Anderson and Nancy Vogt. Cheryl Elzey managed the budget.

The two survey special reports were written by Jodi Enda and edited by Amy Mitchell. Ms. Matsa analyzed the data and provided data cleaning and number checking.

Ms. Mitchell supervised the project, edited the chapters and wrote the overview.

Irv Molotsky was the copy editor.

Outside the Project, Rick Edmonds of the Poynter Institute co-authored the chapter on newspapers, Deborah Potter of Newslab co-authored the local TV chapter and served as a reader for the network chapter. Jane Sasseen, a freelance journalist and former editor at Yahoo! News and BusinessWeek Magazine, edited and co-authored the digital and magazine chapters.

Leah Christian of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press served as the methodologist for the two survey reports. Michael Keegan and Jessica Shillinger designed the infographic for the Overview of the report. Russell Heimlich, PRC’s web developer, built the report website. Communications Director Vidya Krishnamurthy, Senior Digital Editor Sara Goo, Communications Associate Molly Rohal and Editorial Web Producer Andrea Caumont were involved in outreach efforts including media relations and strategic communications and digital marketing strategy. Communications Assistant Caroline Klibanoff created the Media and Campaign 2012 video. Wendy Kelly of WLK Design redesigned the web site and will produce the executive summary.

Among the three dozen people who served as readers of the chapters were Tom Bettag, Charles Bierbauer, David Boardman, Wally Dean, Neil Foote, Mark Fratrik, Samir Husni, Marty Kaiser, Gabriel Kahn, Diane Mermigas, Bill Mickey, Victor Navasky, Bob Papper, Deborah Potter, Richard Prince, Markus Prior, Lee Rainie, Tom Rosenstiel, Frank Sesno, Tiffany Shackelford, George Stanley, Joseph Turow, Frances Ward-Johnson, Dale Willman and Clint C. Wilson. Their thoughtful insights and suggestions greatly improved the chapters, but the readers are in no way responsible for the analysis or narrative accounts in this report. Moreover, the readers were not sources for information, unless explicitly cited in footnotes. In no case did a reader serve as an anonymous source for anything in the report.

Finally, the project could not have been completed without the extraordinary support, both financially and personally, of the Pew Charitable Trusts, particularly Don Kimelman, a trusted editor, and Rebecca Rimel, whose idea this report was in the first place.