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Charts & Tables

By the Project For Excellence In Journalism and the Pew Internet & American Life Project


Charts Tables

Audience Behavior

Who are online news users?
Americans explore a wide variety of news topics online
The most popular types of news sites among those with a favorite
What online sources do people use?
What kinds of news mobile users access on their cells
Wireless and news on-the-go populations

Nielsen Analysis

Top 20 Sites by Sector
Top 20 Websites in 2009
Top 199 Sites by Sector
Legacy Sites vs. Online Only
Top Sites by Topic
Top Sites by Topic by Percent of Traffic
Usage of Sites by Content Emphasis
Niche Sites by Topic
Minutes per Person for Niche Sites
Usage of Political Sites
Usage of Entertainment Sites vs. Science and Technology
Content Originator Sites by Sector
Top Ten Sites Usage Figures
Usage of Sites by Content Type


Online Ad Spending by Format
Top 25 Website Categories by Display Ad Revenue

Economic Attitudes

Are Users Willing to Pay for Their Favorite News Sites?
Consumer Attitudes Towards Payment Plans
How Often Users Click on Advertisements
Which online news users are most likely to click on
news site advertisements?

News Investment

Wire Stories vs. Staff Reporting of the Top Stories on Leading Sites in 2009