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Charts & Tables

Cable TV
By the Project For Excellence In Journalism


Charts Tables


Cable News Prime-Time Viewership over Time
Cable News Daytime Viewership over Time
Cable News Prime-Time Viewership, by Channel
Cable News Viewership in 2009, by Program
Cable News “Cume” Audience, by Channel
CNN Prime-Time Viewership
CNN Daytime Viewership
Fox News Prime-Time Viewership
Fox News Daytime Viewership
MSNBC Prime-Time Viewership
MSNBC Daytime Viewership
HLN Viewership


The Economics of Cable News
Cable News Profitability by Channel
Cable News Profits
Cable News Revenue
Cable News Revenue Streams
Cable News Monthly Revenue per Subscriber
Cable News Net Ad Revenue
Advertising Rates on Cable Television

News Investment

Overall Expenses, All Cable News Channels
Cable News Total Spending
Cable News Staffing
Cable News Bureaus


NBC Universal Cable Properties


Cable News Website Audiences in 2009
Cable News Website Features

Specialty Channels

Cable TV Financial Channels