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Charts & Tables

Charts & Tables


Audience Growth: Top News Sites vs. Select Political Sites
Top News Sites (Nielsen Online)
Top News Sites (comScore)
Top News Sites (Hitwise)
Growth in Audience for
Online News Consumption
Time Spent Online
Most Popular Internet Activities


Top 25 Website Categories by Display Ad Revenue, 2007
Top 10 U.S. Internet Display Advertisers, 2007
Projected Growth for Online Advertising Spending, by Category
Online Ad Spending Projections
Local vs. National Online Ad Spending
Online Ad Share by Medium, 2008


Percent of Journalism School Graduates in Web-Related Jobs
Percent of Newspapers Integrating Web and Print Operations, 2008


Ownership of 25 Most Popular News Sites, 2008
Ownership of Top 25 News Sites
Market Share of Internet Search, 2008