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Charts & Tables

Charts & Tables


Audio Devices that have had a Big Impact on User’s Lives
Growth Projections of Audio Devices, 2005 – 2020
Education Level – Public Radio vs. Commerical/ Talk/Information
Listeners to News/Talk/Information Stations, by Age
Number of HD Radio Stations
Popular Podcast Topics
Radio Reach
Satellite Radio Awareness
Time Spent Listening – Public Radio vs. Commercial/Talk/Information
Top Format Categories of HD Radio Stations


Audio Revenue Growth, 2001-2006
Audio Revenue Growth Projections, 2007 – 2011
Satellite Radio Revenues
Radio News Profitability
Radio News Profitability by Market Size, 2005
Radio Revenues, 2005 vs. 2006
Radio Revenues Growth by Quarter
Revenue per Station – News vs. Talk


Number of Markets Reached by Top Companies


Median Radio News Salary Comparisons, Over Time
Radio Salaries, by Number of Stations Served
Radio vs. Television Salaries


News/ Talk Radio Growth