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Charts & Tables

Charts & Tables


Number Of Licensed Broadcast Radio Stations


Listeners to News-Talk-Information Stations, by Age
Number of Licensed Broadcast Radio Stations, 1970 and 2003
Number of News/Talk/Information Stations Vs. Total Stations
Radio Reach
Time Spent Listening to the Radio ‘Yesterday’
What Radio Formats People Listen To, 2003
Where People Listen
Where People Listen, 2003


Number of Stations Owned by Top Companies, 2004
Radio News Profitability
Radio News Profitability by Market Size, 2002
Radio News Profitability by Market Size, 2003
Revenues from News Stations for Top Companies
Revenues of Top Companies, 2003
Time Spent Listening to News/Talk/Information


Stations Owned by the Top Companies
Number of Markets Reached by Top Companies, 2004

News Investment

How Many Stations News Directors Oversee, 2003
Median Radio Salaries, by Ownership
Median Radio Salaries, by Stations Served
Other Radio News Director Responsibilities, 2003
Radio News Staff, Budget and Time, 2003
Radio Salaries, Over Time
Radio vs. TV Salaries

Public Attitudes

What Kind of News Interests Listeners by Age, 2000
What Kind of News Interests Listeners by Gender, 2000
When Listeners Choose Radio First
Where Americans Learn About the Candidates and Campaign