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Charts & Tables

Charts & Tables

Content Analysis

Topicality of New Yorker Stories 1989 – 2004
News Magazine Pages by Topic, 1980 – 2004
Newsweekly Topics, 2004
Time Cover Topics, 2004
Newsweek Cover Topics, 2004
Number of Pages in News Magazines


Circulation of Non-Traditional News Magazines
Circulation Among the Big Three News Magazines
Average Age of News Magazine Readers
Average Age of Readership by Magazine
Average Income of News Magazine Readers
Average Income of Readership by Magazine
Number of Magazines by Select Genres
Magazine Readership by Select Genre
Regular Audiences of Select Media
Circulation of Leading Opinion Magazines


Change in Ad Dollars and Pages, Select Magazines
Ad Pages in News Magazines
News Magazine Ad Dollars, by Magazine
Magazine Ad Dollars by Select Genres
Magazine Ad Pages by Select Genres
’Average Magazine’ Revenues and Expenditures
Operating Profit for the ’Average Magazine’
Profit Margin of the ’Average Magazine’
Ratio of Ad to Editorial Pages in the ’Average Magazine’


Magazine Revenue of Top-Ten Companies, 2003
Magazine Revenue, All Top Companies

Newsroom Investment

News Magazine Staff Size Over Time
Number of Correspondents in Bureaus Over Time
News Magazine Bureaus Over Time
Number of Contributors in Staff Boxes Over Time

Public Attitudes

Who the Public Believes
News Magazine Believability Over Time
Who the Public Believes