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Charts & Tables

Charts & Tables

The Population Picture

U.S. Foreign Born Population
U.S. Population by Race and Ethnicity, Actual and Forecasted

Content Analysis

Geographic Focus of Pakistan Post
Topics Covered in Pakistan Post
Geographic Focus of Sing Tao
Topics Covered by Sing Tao
Geographic Focus of Hoy
Geographic Focus of El Diario
Topics Covered in Hoy
Topics Covered in El Diario
Geographic Focus of Amsterdam News
Topics Covered by Amsterdam News

Number of Spanish-Language Newspapers in the U.S.
Number of Spanish-Language Daily Newspapers in the U.S.
Spanish Language U.S. Newspaper Circulation
Spanish Language U.S. Daily Newspaper Circulation
Language Preferred for Local TV News, Various Ethnicities
Language Preferred for Talk Radio, Various Ethnicities
Language Preferred for Newspapers, Various Ethnicities
Language Preferred for the Internet, Various Ethnicities
Media Preferred for Elections and Voting Information, Various Ethnicities
Prime Time Television Viewing per Week, 2000
Spanish-Language TV Stations by Network
Newsroom Investment, Ownership and Economics

Citizenship of Spanish-language News Professionals
Income of Spanish-Language News Professionals
Spanish Language U.S. Newspaper Ad Revenue
Spanish Language Newspaper Ad Revenues by Publication Category, 2004
Univision Net Income, 2001-2003
Alternative Weeklies

Growth in Alternative News Weeklies
Alternative Weekly Readership by Age Group
Revenue of Alternative Weeklies
Change in Revenue at Alternative Weeklies