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Asian Press

Asian Press

For a variety of reasons the Asian press is difficult to measure as a group, and the word Asian is more complicated than Hispanic. Not only does Asian not speak of a single culture or nationality, it also does not define a particular language. Even within Asian nationalities, there are language differences that make it difficult to group media. China alone has seven distinctly different dialect groups.

That said, it is clear that some Asian language newspapers have large readerships. The World Journal, a Chinese-language daily based in New York, reports it has 250,000 in paid circulation. The Korea Times, in Los Angeles says it has more than 43,000.1

But without one common language, a single owner is unlikely as is a concentrated advertising push. And without that infusion of advertising cash, it is difficult for these outlets to grow beyond their current state. We hope to look more in depth at this area in the future.

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